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August 23-24, 2017 Commission Meeting Agenda – Retirement Certificates and Service Awards

Skeen Major, Game Warden Houston 26 Com Nancy S. …

January 23-24, 2013 Commission Meeting Agenda – Service Awards

Captain, Game Warden Ulvade 32 Years LE Steve Whiteaker Major, Game Warden San Angelo 28 Years COM Terry …

Perry R. Bass Marine Fisheries Research Center

Perry R. … Finally, the research staff at Perry R. … Bass Marine Fisheries Research Center Palacios, Texas The research staff at the Perry R. … Records & Awards Stocking ShareLunker Aquatic Species Sea Center Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center Perry R. …

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Student Research - No Lazy Leaves Here! — Texas Parks & Wildlife Department

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January 26-27, 2011 Commission Meeting Agenda – Service Awards

Years SP Cullen Reeves Manager I Rockport 37 Years SP Cathy Flores Admin Asst IV Port Aransas 28 Years COM

Background for Teachers — Texas Parks & Wildlife Department

Read the story at: http://www. tpwmagazine .com/archive/2011/mar/legend/ . … Parker about "Saving Gator Babies" at: http://www. tpwmagazine .com/archive/2007/may/scout3// Eastern … the Houston Zoo played in helping with the recovery of the Houston Toad at: http://www. tpwmagazine .com … Wildlife Magazine article, "Brown Pelican Resurrection" by Wendee Holtcamp at: http://www. tpwmagazine .com

Sponsorship/Contribution - Current POs and No-Bid Contracts Reports - Bids and Vendor Opportunities

Contract 0000005766 TEXAS CHILDREN IN NATURE 35695.340000000004 COM - TCiN MOA FY21 0 Not applicable. …

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May 20-21, 2015 Commission Meeting Agenda – Donations

-State Coop Programs Other Goods Nine Wolf Com 3rd Eye body cameras $4,860.00 Texas Parks and Wildlife …